Complex Robot Train Runs

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On this page we define and demonstrate some of the complex Robot Trains we can run on the R&C Keystone Division Layout

Robot Trains with Restoration to Original State -> Repeatable

Oil from Drake Spur to Philadelphia Dock and return to Drake Spur

Locomotive faces East and is coupled to string of tankers. Simple Forward steps can bring train to the Oil and Gas Dock on the Philadelphia Schuylkill River. To return the train with MTs (empties) West to the Drake Spur, the train must be run forward and background several times including running through a reverse loop to restore the train to the Drake Spur with the locomotive facing East once more.

Robot Train Script: ""


Coal from Girardville Spur to Anthracite Exporters  - MTs to Girardville Spur

Logs from Yeagerstown Spur to Williamsport Lumber Spur- MTs to Yeagerstown Spur

Steel from Bethlehem Spur to Ashland Spur -   MTs to Bethlehem Spur

 MTs from Erie Yard to Williamsport Lumber where  Finished Lumber is loaded then to Philadelphia Dock where unloaded - MTs  to Erie Yard

Beer from Yuengling Pottsville plant on Frackville Spur to several delivery stops - MTs to Frackville Spur

Coal from Sunbury Spur to Titusville Spur - MTs to Sunbury Spur

Clothing from McCormick Spur to several stops - MTs to McCormick Spur



Perishable Fruit and Vegetables

Hershey Chocolate

Wilbur Chocolate


LP Gas




Appliances to various Warehouses

Military Supplies

Natural Gas