Cornfield Meet Avoidance Example

We define two Robot Train: one West to East from Frackville to Lancaster amd one East to West from Lancaster to Frackville. The first video is of the West to East train alone. The second video is of the East to West train alone. The third video is of two robot trains running toward one another potentially crashing into one another enroute.

West to East Frackville to Lancaster Robot Train


East To West Lancaster to Frackville Robot Train



East Meets West - Avoiding a Cornfield Meet

We define two robot trains. One runs west to east and the other runs east to west. The west to east train runs from Hamburg and returns. The east to west train runs from Bethlehem and returns. Each locomotive runs at speed consistent with the range of speed allowed on their respective routes. Varying the start time of each train causes the runaround meet location and track usage to dynamically adjust to conditions at that time and place.



To learn more about how this Collision Avaodance works, take this link!